Tattoos are deeply personal, and just like mindsets, likes, and dislikes, the reasons for them can change over time. The majority of middle-aged Americans who regret their tattoos seek tattoo removal, but early methods of tattoo erasure were clumsy, ineffective, and extremely painful.

At So Cal Body Institute in Chino, California, our team of medical professionals uses the PicoSureⓇ laser tattoo removal system, which is capable of removing a large range of ink types and colors, and helps prevent the unsightly scarring or “burned” look older methods leave behind.

How PicoSure works

PicoSure is the latest generation of “Q-switched” laser tattoo removal systems. These methods rely on a combination of heat and light pulsing to break up tattoo ink under the skin. Even patients who previously tried tattoo removal and were unhappy with results may be able to benefit from PicoSure treatment.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

  • PressureWave™ technology allows the laser removal tool to deliver constant, incredibly fast pulses of light through the skin surface.
  • These pulses work to disrupt and separate ink under the skin into minute fragments.
  • Your lymphatic system then recognizes the ink fragments as body waste and naturally flushes them away over time.

The PicoSure experience

Having PicoSure treatment is typically no more uncomfortable than getting a tattoo in the first place, and we provide you with pre-treatment options including a Cryo chiller that minimizes any discomfort you may have during the process.

Tattoo removal treatment time depends on your tattoo’s size and location as well as the colors and types of inks used. If necessary, our team can also implement a secondary system, known as the Q-switched Nd: YAG® laser, to help more effectively remove your tattoo. Using different types of lasers can improve your chances of complete tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal recovery

An individual treatment typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete for small or mid-sized tattoos, and you might feel a sensation like a rubber band snapping your skin. Healing time between treatments averages 6-8 weeks.

We work with you to schedule treatments so they fit comfortably around your life and schedule. Your technician also counsels you on aftercare, including cleaning and antibiotic use as well as ways to manage discomfort.

Are you ready to say goodbye to that once loved but now detested tattoo? Contact our office at (909) 591-1414 or use our convenient online scheduling tool to book a tattoo removal consultation today.

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